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Don't believe all you have to do is vote!!!

I've never missed voting in an election...not since I reached the magical age of 18. Fifty years. That's a lot of votes.

And in the next couple of years, this is what my neighborhood may look like. That pasture where my horses graze? The sunsets over the terraces where cows watch over their calves?

Of course, they won't be paved over. But with such as this surrounding us, how long can we pay the taxes? How will we move equipment from field to field? Will it be safe for our grand-boys to drive a 4-wheeler across the road to the barn to feed their show calves? I've even heard that federal easements we placed on our land to protect it can be removed or condemned. For the good of the people........

What about fresh local food? Beef that you know where it grazed and where it was processed? What about that gorgeous sunset you watched over our hay field last summer? Or the fact that we mow the grass on the right-away and pick up all the trash instead of waiting on the county crew to come by? The roses, day lillies, and iris I planted along the fence line to beautify your view as you drive past our home?

Sometimes I get tired of what it takes. The birdie fingers because we were going slow in the tractor. The horn-honking because we were moving cows across the road to fresh grass and somebody was in a hurry to get to town. The meetings where someone from the local university asks, " What can we do to help you market your product?"

I can do that myself. Been doing it for over forty years. Can you please stop the developers from being so greedy? Can you find a way to make our cities more pleasant so people will want to live there? Can you build bigger parks where children can climb in trees and roll in the grass? Can you please tell people that agriculture is an industry? An industry that we may soon learn we can't live without!!!

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