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So how did I get here?

The furthest thing I could imagine myself doing was publishing a book, but I'd promised my father.

And suddenly there it was. Almost the first day of Covid lock down. No where to go. No one to see. Scrolling on the internet, shopping on ebay. Suddenly this picture popped up. My dad was former military, I grew up hearing stories of Native Americans and my great-grandfather. I loved "Indians" because they were noble and rode horses.

This drawing spoke to me..,called out to me over and over. I only had to outbid one other person. I"m sorry for them but I love this piece and it hangs proudly in my home. A few days later, I contacted Quinton Maldonado, the artist whose work this is. I thought I needed to apologize for being white, but he laughed and offered his help with anything I needed.

And so began the journey.

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