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You don't know what you don't know......

What history have you studied? I liked Western Civilization the best. It started with the cave man and went to the Middle Ages. The teacher made our class interesting with stories about what he had learned about those years. Much of man's earliest history is recorded as art..........

We imagine what life must have been like. We apply what we know to what we find from the past. We think we know all the stories...........

But as humanity's history grows, how do we know the real story? The whole story? What really happened?

“The stories we tell give us the reasons for acting the way that we do,” says Lindsay Stallones Marshall, assistant professor of history at Illinois State University, “So I think it’s really important to understand where our stories come from, so that we can correct them when they lead us astray.”

I think the key words here are "it's really important to understand where our stories come from...."

Which brings me to my philosophy about writing......"History belongs to those who write it."

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