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Wet as water....

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

It seems like it's been raining forever. It hasn't. In fact, the weather lady's still talking about the drought we were in until all this started, It just seems as if the sun's been gone for a whole year. No wonder farmers are never happy about the weather. It's either dry as a bone or wet as water.

I can't show pictures of the cattle......they're belly-deep in mud. We feed hay every day.......bales that weigh nearly a ton each. Sometimes we stack them 3 or 4 deep in big steel wagons for the cows to eat. Sometimes we unroll one across the pasture, making a thick pallet of dry grass for the calves to lie on. At least they can be dry for a little while. Until the rain starts again and drenches them and their beds.

It's almost Christmas, but the sky is a leaden gray that overwhelms the lights in town. Soon, I"ll have to head there to pick up horse feed...maybe cat food as well. It seems the cats have no desire to hunt mice in the rain. I don't know where the mice hide. The birds are fighting over the suet and seed blocks I hung from the branches of the trees out back. No need to worry about the cats...they're sitting inside, watching from their warm, dry windowsills.

I hope and pray I've put the finishing touches on my book. I know the professionals will make a few more changes, but I've done all I can. I sent it to be printed, Not a "bookstore" copy but a professional copy that looks and feels like a real book. It will be nice to hold a copy in my hands, not a big 3-ring binder with single-sided pages but a bound book with words printed on both sides all held neatly together with a binding. And pictures.

I'll carry a copy to my mom tomorrow. I want her to make sure it all flows and makes sense and draws the reader in like a good book should. After all, she knew one of the characters personally.

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