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Done. Not...

So my first book was officially released to the world yesterday.

I thought the writing and re-writing would be the hard part. It certainly wasn't the easiest thing I'd ever tackled. Until one day my heart said, "Done". I knew I could keep editing. Deleting words. Shortening sentences. Leaving out descriptions. The deadline was fast approaching. But, I was at peace. I'd set my goal.......get Ralph and Dad's story published. I let it sit on my desk for several days and then read it fresh. The story of John Iron Horse flowed smoothly. I was finished. I had a contract, a tentative release date. All that was left was to wait.

And there was a lot of waiting. Waiting on final editor's comments.. Waiting on endorsements. Waiting on reviews. Waiting to schedule a book party once the local book store received her confirmation of shipping. Waiting on the day that someone could order my book and know that it would be shipped immediately, not some weeks in the future. I'm not very good at waiting.

And now, I"m published. The books have arrived at the bookstore. More should be arriving at our house soon ( I hated to ask the store owner to buy too many...who knows, there may only be three people at the party!) Now. it's time to wipe the dust from the crystal platters so they sparkle in the light. Time to blend the ingredients for my favorite cheese ball and make sure there's plenty of crackers. And snack mix, and spicy nuts......oh, and cookies. I can't forget the plates and cups and serving pieces. And last, but not least, the ingredients for mimosas....can't serve wine at 11AM.

And I"m certain, after that day, there will be more to do. Visiting area bookstores to see if they'll put my book on their shelves. Scheduling a book signing party and wondering if anyone will really want me to sign anything. Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Tweets...all in the name of marketing. A newsletter. Really? More writing?

And yet, that's exactly what's in my heart. I want to tell Johanna's story. Nope, I"m not done.

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